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Have Cable Sports Networks Gone Overboard?

More cable sports TV networks exist now than ever before. As a result, several major sporting events air on cable channels instead of satellite TV, preventing many people from watching big games. Have we reached a breaking point with cable sports networks?

Toronto made the biggest splash of the 2015 Trade Deadline, acquiring two impact players in Troy Tulowitzki and David Price (Photo Credit: Tom Sczcerbowski/Getty Images)
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How Added Wildcard Team Has Influenced MLB

Prior to the 2012 season, the MLB added an extra wildcard team, which expanded the postseason from eight to 10 teams. As a result, more teams than ever believe that they can contend for a championship, which has positively impacted the entire league.

Odell Beckham will have to wait three more season before getting paid like a top wideout (Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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The NFL Rookie Wage Scale Conundrum

The 2011 CBA restricted rookie wages, as all NFL players earn standard salaries relative to their draft position. While teams are now financially protected from draft busts, standout performers on rookie deals have become grossly underpaid. How can we reach a middle ground?

LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol led a star-studded free agent class (Photo Credit: Brandon Dill/Associated Press)
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4 Themes from NBA Free Agency

The impending salary cap increase beginning in 2016 significantly impacted the 2015 NBA Free Agency period, as teams have handed out more than $2 billion in salaries to the players. In addition, big-market teams failed to lure the best players available. What other themes emerged from this year’s free agency?

Serena captures her 6th Wimbledon trophy and wins all four Grand Slam Tournaments in succession for the second time in her career (Photo Credit: Julian Finney/Getty Images)
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Serena Saves American Tennis But Remains Underpaid

Well into her 30’s, Serena Williams continues to dominate women’s tennis and remains the lone American to consistently compete on the international tennis stage. Yet, despite her popularity, she does not receive the off-court earnings as many of the world’s greatest athletes. Serena deserves better.

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Adam Silver’s Next Challenge

The NBA received extremely stellar viewership numbers for the 2015 NBA Finals and just agreed to a lucrative TV deal well into next decade. Now, the players and the league must carry the momentum forward and do everything possible to avoid a possible lockout in two seasons.

Jim Harbaugh got run out of town after leading the San Francisco 49ers to three consecutive NFC Championship Appearances (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
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Coaching – The Most Unforgiving Profession

Coaches like Jim Harbaugh and John Fox recently got fired despite a ridiculously successful track record. While success does not guarantee job security in coaching, many teams have repeatedly made significant mistakes by replacing successful coaches, which has set an extremely unhealthy trend in the entire industry.

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Student-Athlete or Athlete-Student?

As NCAA Power 5 conferences continue to rake in tens of millions of dollars annually in TV rights deals, student-athletes still receive almost no direct financial compensation. With millions of people tuning in to marquee events, are NCAA basketball and football players really student-athletes or just athletes?

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MLB Must Alter Rookie Wage Scale

While international rookies like Yasiel Puig and Masahiro Tanaka receive multi-million dollar contracts before even playing a game in the MLB, American-bred rookies must endure a multi-year developmental process before earning a million dollar salary. This needs to change.

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Running Backs De-Valued in NFL

Compared to other skilled positions, running backs typically have much shorter careers due to the wear and tear from repeated hits to their bodies. As a result, NFL teams have devalued running backs, who have received much smaller contracts than their counterparts.

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NCAA’s Problem Going Forward

Rashad McCants publicly called out UNC for its poor academic standards for student-athletes. Colleges have ripped off student-athletes with their strict policies, and the NCAA’s greed will come back to bite collegiate athletics if it does not appropriate treat the student-athletes.